About Us

Our story

Iseno was created by two talented and enterprising people – Adrianna and Tomasz.

How did it all start?

They both studied at the IT department and met there. Each of them deals with a different area. Adrianna specializes in UX and UI – both design and research. Tomasz, in turn, deals with development.

They worked and gained experience on various contracts. In the end, they decided to combine their skills and start a joint company. This is how Iseno was born.

First, they dealt with a bit of everything together with a group of freelancers. In this way, they got to know the market and looked for the right direction for them. Thanks to this, they also gained experience, which pays off now.

How is it look today?

Iseno branched out into two more companies. The first is e-ux.pro and the second is e-pi.tech. Iseno is a company that holds it all together. We focus here on marketing. We create visual identifications, logos, brand books, and wide-ranging advertising campaigns.

Our teams consist of young, talented, and willing to develop people. We work for the world’s largest brands and start-ups.

We constantly improve our skills and qualifications. We also train new employees and share our knowledge with them. We approach each project with unwavering commitment. The effects of our work you can see on our channels!

Three brands
one goal

How convenient is the choice? Very, if it allows you to pool the resources of three companies whose knowledge and experience will build you a product from the future, focused on earning and user-friendliness. That is what we are. A well-organized trio that strives for perfection and invasiveness and innovation with a futuristic touch.

Our Services

The strategy

The smooth running of a company lies at the heart of good management. We are specialists in this. Every project and every customer is a first for us. By trusting us, you allow us to implement procedures that help you proactively organise the work of your team, the flow of information and the documentation of every step. With our strategies, you will sleep well and your product will grow with every click of the mouse.

International Relevance

Our team is spread across the globe. We are not closed to foreign markets. We are open for cooperation with clients from every corner of the world. We adapt our system of work to the needs of each order. We are flexible and put the good of the project first. Our plans include conquering the IT world outside the country. We have been trusted by dozens of companies with exceptional products. We rise to the challenge for you.


An eye-pleasing interface and that’s it? Not with us. Of course, this is an extremely important part of the identity we make, but we start from the very beginning. Before we start working on the project, using research, analysis, user path, heuristics, benchmarking, competitor analysis we investigate the possible sources of the problem. Then we’ll build an impressive design that will delight your audience.

Company to campaign

Apart from taking care of the visual image, by creating graphic elements or entire products, we can also take care of their proper reception. The Internet is one huge market, where the war for customers continues. We will help you to get the right weapon, so that you always win. We’ll use social media and show you how to build higher conversions and online perception at a low cost.