What’s up?

Welcome to the school of magic ... haha, we were joking. In all seriousness, welcome to ISENO's homepage. Here you'll find support, knowledge, professionalism, and pranksters. Sit down comfortably, hold the popcorn and tell us how we can help.


Don’t look to fortune tellers to help you predict your company’s fate in the marketplace. Bet on proven sources of information. Iseno based on knowledge, research and analysis, the only witchcraft we deal with, is that which appears in the Harry Potter movies.


Is there anything better than a company offering you marketing services? Yes! A company that offers you marketing, design and development services. By joining Iseno’s client group, you have everything your company needs to become the new market leader.

We are family

Our motto is trust and attention to detail. Who is best taken care of? Family members. We will make sure, you feel comfortable and safe with us. The game is played for the good of the company, right? Let’s play together and win.


Adrianna Koszowska-Kowalska

Co-owner & Strategist

Tomasz Kowalski

We' are for you..

We are available 5 days a week, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Polish time. Our team is ready to cooperate with you. If you and your company are located in another part of the world, no worries. We will try to adapt to your time zone. All contact information is available on the ``let's talk`` page.

Who, when, why?

Our company consists of several teams. Each one has described tasks in research and analysis, ux/ui design, development, marketing, and project management. As you can see, we are ready to help you in any of the above mentioned areas. We are qualified and ready to go. You decide when we get started.

Import(ant) things

We know how important it is to send files to the client, or components working on the project. We use a whole range of advanced tools to streamline this process on a daily basis. As a Client, you will be provided with necessary accesses, which will allow you to move among the documentation and files without any problems.

Archive X

When you work with us, you have complete comfort and security. Our projects are secured in professional databases to which only authorized persons have access. A safer place would be only the White House, although... no, not really. We are better.

Mr De’Sign

Want to make your company stand out in the marketplace? Make sure you have the right design that is focused on usability, intuitiveness and integrity. It just so happens that our experience consists of hundreds of closed projects of this type. The biggest corporations have worked with us and we have created exceptional products for them.

Tea or Coffee?

Business - Business, but that's not all. The elements of working from ``behind the scenes`` are very important. However, we, put the development of each stage in your company. Therefore, we organize workshops, during which we develop the elements of projects, the style of work will be adapted to you. You choose, whether you prefer coffee or tea.

Product Identity for Inspotle

We created a logo design and brand book that captures the spirit of healthy competition. This company is focused on supporting each sports enthusiast to become an athlete.

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Brand Identity for Dreamiteam

We’ve worked on website for IT company, identity includes brandbook and another materials for brand.

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Our clients' voice

Working with team was a very positive experience. The project was very well managed even though team members were dispersed around Europe.

Kamil Golebiowski

Our clients' voice

We were impressed by their proactivity and reliability in meeting deadlines.

Mateusz Nowak

Our clients' voice

According to the company's internal management, the project had exceeded its expectations. The company was impressed by the team's advice, consultations, hints, commitment, and workflow.

Daniel Król