We provide integrated
IT and marketing services

Iseno is an international group of companies that can build your digital product from scratch to a ready-to-launch solution, execute UX/UI design or audit, and market your new or improved product to the right audience. We operate in fintech, e-commerce, medical and automotive industries. Apart from working hard on projects for our clients, we are engaged in creating a UX/UI community.

8 years of experience, 250+ projects completed,
100+ happy customers around the world


Designing for
Our mission is to deliver the best quality technologically and visually advanced products from start to finish. For this reason, we combined all of our brands into one group so we can work on complex and integrated projects and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our values are based on in-depth research, user-centricity, and clear communication. We believe in inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity when building our products and teams.

In addition to working hard for our clients, we are building a UX community where anyone can participate in an open discussion about UX and we are developing a UX job search website.


Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much
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e-ux.pro is an award winning company specialising in UX/UI design. All designs are preceded with a solid research. The team has rich experience in designing advanced products (CRM & ERP systems, e-commerce platforms, SaaS, web & mobile applications) and thrive in automotive, medical, and fintech industries.

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e-pi.tech is a front and back end web and mobile development company. They produce finished potentially ready-to-release products using Symfony, Flutter, and React.js/angular technology. They work with advanced CRM, ERP and SaaS applications, and they have a vast experience working in fintech industry.

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j-ux.pro is a job board that brings UX recruiters and candidates to one space. It is the only UX recruitment website that offers all kinds of employment contracts: internships, full-time, fixed-term and body leasing. Join the space and collaborate on your dream project!

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xPower is a UX mentoring space with a goal to help people improve their skills and have a jump start in the UX industry. We welcome researchers, writers, designers, and project managers. We mainly communicate in English, but there are also Polish and Spanish communication channels on Discord.

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We connect talents
from all over the world
Our company operates 100% remotely, meaning we have access to the best international talent for your project and that we are always available for our clients no matter where they are located. Our clients find working with us online to be economical and time-efficient. There is no limit to what we can do together!


Tomasz Kowalski


Izabela Kozioł
Lead UX/UI Designer
Zofia Kulikowska
Project Manager
Leader & Developer


by the best
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2nd place Top Women Owned Product Designers & Developers in the World
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The Manifest
2nd place Top Women Owned Product Designers & Developers in the World
The manifest logo
2nd place Top Women Owned Product Designers & Developers in the World
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TOP Design Firms
2nd place Top Women Owned Product Designers & Developers in the World


We help companies
increase their value
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