Project research and gathering information about recipients; providing deep analysis about competitors; creating user's personas, designing use case scenarios, instructions and documentation fonts, colors and sizes, typography, creating models and prototypes, drawing interfaces (Sketch, Adobe Suite), UI interactions, UI animation flow (Invisionn App).



We’re creating a CRM/ERP systems, which helps and support the work of enterprises. Thanks to the our CRM/ERP systems, we ensure the improvement of companies' work: position service, warehouse cataloging mechanisms, time management of company employees, control and verification of finances, etc. Created systems allow integration of key company activities in one system.



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Adrianna Koszowska-Kowalska

Designer and IT PM with over 6 years of broad experience; focused on UX and user-centered-design. Specialized in designing user interfaces, UI services, web and mobile applications, games, researches; applies the principles of User Experience.
Hobbystically also creates vector characters, icons and another graphics.

  • Sketch
  • Adobe
  • Controle Version
  • CodePen
  • Analizy
  • InVision

Tomasz Kowalski

Backend Developer and Lead with over 6 years of experience; focused on finding solutions supporting work of many enterprises. Specialized in areas of programming CRM/ERP systems and web applications; interested in solutions architecture.
Other interest: long distance swimming.

  • Controle Version
  • Docker
  • Database
  • Linux
  • Administration
  • Programing